Ordering, Payment and Returns


By ordering  from Supply Hop Pty Ltd, our users acknowledge that all contracts entered for the purchase of goods and/or services via this website shall be with Suppliers directly.  Supply Hop is an ecommerce platform allowing users to purchase from multiple Suppliers, and ordering products online and making payments directly to SupplyHop Pty Ltd.

Delivery, Refunds and Exchanges terms are with individual Suppliers.

The general purchase terms are as follows:

Supply Hop Pty Ltd do not guarantee that any order or orders placed via this website will be accepted by a Supplier. Acceptance of orders is solely at the discretion of the Supplier.

If an order is placed by a user, the order is considered firm and can only be modified or cancelled if agreed by the Supplier the order was placed against.

Delivery fees may apply for minimal orders. Please refer to your Suppliers individual Terms and Conditions for their minimal order policy and general purchasing terms and refund policy.

Delivery of goods shall be to the address nominated by the user at the time of placing an order. If the delivery address is unattended at the time of delivery, the delivery will not be made. As this policy may vary between Suppliers, please view the Suppliers individual terms.


Product Returns

Return policy for goods sold and delivered may vary between each Supplier.

Supply Hop Pty Ltd shall not have any liability to the user in respect to any of the goods and shall not be liable for consequential or incidental damages that arise from any product defect, delay, non delivery or other breach on the part of the Supplier.

The terms of purchase as between the user and a Supplier as set out in this paragraph are nonexhaustive and some or all of the Suppliers may have additional terms of trade to which a user shall be subject in making purchases from that Supplier. To the extent of any inconsistency, the terms of trade published by a Supplier shall prevail and shall take precedence over the terms of purchase published in this paragraph on this website.



.Shipping costs will vary per Supplier, please check the Supplier Page for full shipping conditions and costs.


Payment & Refunds

Payment must be made in full for all Suppliers before orders are sent to the Supplier and the orders will be processed and dispatched directly from the Suppliers.

Refunds – refunds will be processed once a Supplier has confirmed the products have been received and returned according to their own terms and conditions. Refunds will be applied directly to your Supply Hop account or if nominated we can apply the refund to the credit card which was used to purchase your goods.